Inefficient Online Marketing is Costing You Thousands!

What We Provide To Our Clients

Just Social works with selected companies & individuals and advise and teach them how to generate significantly more sales and leads using Facebook Advertising & Advanced Remarketing.

We also provide clear action plans on how to dramatically increase the lifetime value of their customers (both new and existing) by optimising their online sales process (also known as a “sales funnel”)

Why You'd Want To Work With Us

We produce some seriously good results for our clients! Many traditional digital marketing agencies are indistinguishable from each other & use the same old tired techniques!

We develop unique methods exclusively for our clients who want to grow fast!

We know how to generate our clients a bucket load of new business.

We specialise in showing clients how to stop leaving thousands of dollars on the table every month by optimising their sales funnels to ensure they maximise the value of every customer they have.

Want to know how your digital marketing fairs in your niche market & compares to your competitors currently?

If you would, simply fill out the form on the right and we will provide you with a custom report conducted by a real digital marketing expert (not some automated machine) telling you exactly where you are at, what you’re doing right and what areas you could improve on.

We also include customised relevant tips, and techniques you can immediately use to start increasing online revenue. 100% FREE and NO OBLIGATION AT ALL!

Our online sales are up over $15,000 per month and represent a 30% increase in sales company wide since working with Just Social!

Kirstie Vinken

Just Social had an immediate impact with vast knowledge & expertise in social & sales processes. We were surprised at how fast we saw measurable results!

Gab Vargas

Just Social were fast, thorough & added 25,000 new followers to our page and thousands of new visitors to our website in under 4 months!

Nick Maxwell

Here’s data direct from Facebook’s Ad manager for 2 clients!


If you do business online & you’re not retargeting or using optimised funnels you’re tearing up thousand$ every year!


“Why You Need To Be Advertising On Facebook”

With more than 1.6 billion users, Facebook has more data on the behaviour, interests & lifestyles of people than any other company in the world!

As advertisers, you have unprecedented access to utilise that randomised secured data to develop extremely effective & highly targeted audiences to show your advertising campaigns to. 

This ensures your ads will only be displayed to those people you believe will be interested in whatever you’re advertising.

Just Social has been regularly spending thousands of dollars running hundreds of ad campaigns across numerous niches for the last 6 years!

We know how to make Facebook Ads work for you and your company!

“What’s Retargeting & Why is it so Important?”

Retargeting is the process of driving previous visitors back to your website, landing page, sales page or eCommerce store by showing them adverts on Facebook.

What is Remarketing Then?

It’s pretty well the same thing but refers to the process happening on Google or Google affiliated websites which includes millions of regular websites you visit every day.

Why is it so Important?

Because up to 98% of people who visit your website the first time will not take the action you want them too. Whether that be buying something, singing up to a membership program or opting in to an email list.

Retargeting gives you the chance to “remind” them about your brand or business and drive them back to your website to complete the action. Since you know they were interested enough to check it out originally, there is a great chance that they are still interested and life just got in the way.

This is why retargeted visitors convert at an incredible rate.

Soon all display advertising will be retargeted advertising and the pixel will become even more valuable than the click itself. As larger advertisers continue to buy up ad inventory those that fail to ‘pixel’ their site visitors won’t be able to afford to advertise.

 Ryan Deiss, Digital Marketer CEO/Founder

“What is a Sales Funnel & Why Do I Need One?”

Your business doesn’t just need a sales funnel, it needs a correctly crafted & optimised sales funnel.

A sales funnel is simply the process a person goes through from discovery to purchase of a product or a service and from that time forward until the customer has no further relationship with the original vendor.

The reason this is so critical to your business is because we have learnt that if you optimise this process you can dramatically increase your conversion rate but even more importantly, you can increase the lifetime value of that customer by as much as 300-400%!

This means you can potentially make many more sales with the exact same number of prospects or leads whilst simultaneously dramatically increasing what each of those customers are worth to you.

Nothing you do in your business can so dramatically effect your profitability as having a fully optimised sales funnel (process).

Just Social creates optimised sales funnels to achieve exactly this for clients. Click below to learn more about how we do this.

Click for Sales Funnel / FB Ads / Retargeting F.A.Q's

With 1.6 Billion Users on the platform, Everyone’s customers are on there. The key is finding them and that is what we specialise in doing. Keep reading further down for more details on why Facebook has become critical for businesses online. 

Retargeting & remarketing are essentially the same thing. Retargeting is the process of serving adverts to people who have previously visited your website or interacted with your business online at some level.

Due to the fact that we know what pages they visited, products looked at and time spent doing it, we are able to target very specific offers to people that result in dramatic results. Please read further down for more information.

A sales funnel is simply the pathway a customer takes from first hearing about your product or service through to the sale and beyond.

Most businesses give up tens of thousands of $$ every year by not having this process optimised. Read further down for more information on how we fix this. 

We can do everything for you. However if you prefer to do in-house, we can train your team to become very proficient at running your own advertising / remarketing campaigns using highly effective funnels.

Contact us to discuss how we can assist you.