Facebook Advertising

What Every Online Business Needs To Know

Ads on Facebook are unique. They’re shown to individually created and tailored audiences of the platforms users on desktop and mobile devices.

When your ads have great creative content and are well targeted, they get a higher click through rate (CTR).

When it comes to advertising on Facebook…………  

It’s all about the data!

With more than 1.6 billion users on the platform, Facebook has more of one thing than any other company on earth…..Data!

The other unprecedented factor though is our ability as advertisers to access this data & use it to develop more effective and highly targeted advertising campaigns.

This ability to target so specifically, is what makes Facebook advertising such a viable and potentially profitable method of generating additional revenue for companies.

It enables us to ensure, to a high degree, that the overwhelming majority of people that see an advertisement are the very people who will be interested in the advertised product.

This is the complete opposite to traditional advertising methods such as radio, TV and general print publications such as newspapers.

Instead of a scatter gun approach with those methods where you know that the vast majority of people that see, read or hear your ad will not be interested, this method ensures that the majority are the very people you want to be engaging with.

With Facebook ads you can target people based on factors such as:

– Location
– Age
– Gender
– Interests
– Broad Categories
– Connections

We can also target based on other demographics such as:

– Education Level
– What they majored in at university
– The company they work for and many others

Still further we can target say:

– People who live in [insert city] and are fans of pages about jewellery.
– People who have experience with party plan and direct selling
– People who live within X radius of a businesses location (x = ? km’s)
– Fans of specific businesses pages
– Customers, fans and advocates of competitors
– And many many more!

This ultra targeting makes Facebook a great platform to advertise on and reach your target market.

Better Targeting means cheaper ads!

There is another reason this ultra targeting is so important. Facebook ads work on a silent auction bidding system where you can ensure your ads are seen by more people by bidding higher.

However, Facebook also take into consideration the click through rate of your ad when determining who sees your ad.

This means that more popular your ad is, the cheaper it becomes.

The better your ability to target the right people is, the cheaper your ad spend will be.

Brand Recognition

With 48% of Facebook users logging in daily and the average visit being 18 minutes, coupled with 83 per cent of total time spent on social networks being spent on Facebook, it’s a perfect place to build brand awareness and recognition.